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    one: is there a way, upon either loss or theft of the iphone, to remotely engage a 15khz tone on the phone?
    The reason I ask is that at work we have a policy of 'no phones on the desks or in use at any time on the floor or we will seize the device until the end of your shift' and i want to make it so that if it is seized it will generate an endless 15khz tone (subaudible!)

    I have an app store frequency generator but I'm sure there's a console tone generator available somewhere. anyone know of an already in-place system that might do this, instead of myself having to build one?

    also: does anybody know of one of those bluetooth bracelets or watches that would alert when a text message has come in (preferably by vibrating) since i will almost awlays have the phone in my desk?
    i've looked into alot of BT bracelets/watches/headset dongles/etc and i just need an alert when a call or text is coming in. suggestions there? thanks.
    2010-10-31 02:47 AM