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    So i had a broken digitizer, I tried replacing it, and part of the issue why I was changing it was that the home button was not working, so I changed it, and I turned the phone on, and everything was working fine, except for the home button, I read that u can lift the little metal pieces that can lose contact, but when I tried pulling the digitizer/LCD piece back up, i forgot the phone was on, instead of off, and the #1 band, came loose... and now when I put it back in place, I get no image, im thinking if I need to shut down the phone, but now, I cant since I cant se anything, I cant connect it to itunes cause it has a code block. Is there a way I can turn it off since I think that if we reset it might pick up the screen again... is there a way of doing this??
    Thanks in advance!
    2010-11-03 03:17 PM
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    Make sure the 1, 2 and 3 connectors are on properly and then hold down the power/sleep button and home button together. Keep them held and the phone will restart. If you do it when the phones connected to itunes and it disconnects from itunes, then reconnects it means the phone has restarted. if it does restart and disappear then reappear in itunes and there is nothing on the screen then you have bigger problems hardware wise.
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    2010-11-03 03:23 PM
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    I cant do that, since the home button doesnt work, thats part of my issue... everything is was working fine, i dont think that just cause a band came loose while the phone was on, it will mess up everything... but i dont know. Is there a way of resetting the mobo without the home button?
    2010-11-03 03:28 PM
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    If you reconnect the LCD (cnnector 1) whether the phones on or not doesnt matter. If you make sure 1, 2 and 3 are connected and then press the sleep/power button the screen should come back on and work.

    The 2 prongs for the home button make contact with 2 little rectangular plates on the iphone dock connector, with the front removed you can see them at the bottom. Your home button prongs must be aligned correctly so that the prongs are making contact with the 2 plates. You can try and bend them out slightly if that's the issue but they are very weak and easy to break. If you break them you have to remove the glass screen from the frame to fit a new home button flex, messes up the clean finish.

    No, i don't know any way of resetting the phone without the touchscreen or home button. Maybe just holding the power/sleep button until the phone disconnects from itunes and then hold it down again until the phone turns back on.

    If your screen isnt on and was before id say its just a lose connection.

    you could try recboot, use it to enter recovery mode then exit recovery mode and it should restart your phone.

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    2010-11-03 03:36 PM