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    hi guys,

    i wasnt quite sure where to put this so let me know if it wrong. anyway i have a jailbroken iphone 3gs and the silent/vibrate switch has become very sensitive, to the point where the slightst touch of the button when its on silent wil make it vibrate and switch from on silent to off silent. the phone is still under warrenty so im going to se if they will replace the switch or handset. becouse the mobile is jailbroken is there anything i should do before talking it back to the store? how can i keep all my themes and apps?

    2010-11-04 12:29 AM
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    there is an app in cydia that will create a backup of the cydia items (i believe it's call pkgbackup or something close to that) as for everything else sync with itunes. you will need to restore to official firmware in itunes to remove the jailbreak before taking it in to be worked on, if you require an unlock i would advise you to replace the switch yourself or find someone who can because they will most likely update when they fix it or if they replace it the new phone will almost surely have the newest firmware which isn't unlockable at this time
    2010-11-04 12:51 AM
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    alright mate wel i dont need an unlock so thats ok, il find that cydia app anyway just incase i have to take it in, thaks very much for the advice (hitting thanks now ) do you know of any tuts or anywhere i could find information to fix this? is it common? kinda new to al this and i love my jailbreak so dont want to risk loosing that. thanks again!
    2010-11-04 01:57 AM
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    2010-11-04 02:27 AM
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    ifixt it and iphone repiar are fairly informative but im not sure about doing it myself unles its very easy haha i still have two months warrenty left, no one seems to know what causes the problem and i use the vibrate function very often for work so i think if apple wil do it its the best bet. if my iphone was replaced would i never be able to jailbreak again? or could it be possible? i thunk everythings backed up now so thats ok
    2010-11-04 02:52 AM
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    Anything is possible, but nothing can be guaranteed. This is a typical response needed because Apple continually tries to block jb's and unlocks. Maybe one day they will succeed.

    History has shown our excellent Dev-Team(s) members can usually find a way -- it's just a matter of time.

    How patient are you?
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    2010-11-04 02:59 AM
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    haha nice answer, il take it in to apple in the next few days see what they have to say and hopefully i wont get a upgraded model. hate to see winterbored and all the amazing apps no longer there for me but i need the phone to work to be honest. thanks for the advice anyhoo

    oh can apple find out if i just remove the back ad take a little look? incase anythings worked loose? will doing this viod warrenty?
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    2010-11-04 03:18 AM
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    I don't think so .... BUT if they find out it voids your warranty.

    BTW: Better take it back to Apple. You don't take the back off to look ... the screen is tweaked/pry'd/pulled very very carefully from the front.
    2010-11-04 03:58 AM
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    Right wel everything is backed up thanks to pkgbackup and I'm on a non moded fw so hopefully apple wil fix my issue and il once again be a happy jailbroken iPhone customer haha! this was my first topic and you guys have been very helpfull il b sure to stay active!
    thanks guys!
    is the an thanx button on the modmyi app? can't seem to find it?
    2010-11-04 05:26 AM