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    Hi everyone
    If been moding iphones and ipods since the first iphone. I recently purchesed an iphone 4. I made a realy cool theme. But im having issues with something on some icons. Right now im using CarbonX HD theme. I have icons for all the apps. All my icons are croped to the shape of the emblem. For example i have a book for facebook, but when the icon shows on the springboard it fills the ramaining of the icon space with black. I cant make it to show only the shape. If triyed placing blank iconshadow and overlay on the springboard folder but nothing. I want to have my icons without that black background. Also i want to make an auto mask and overlay folder for the not moded icons but it changes all my icons including the moded ones except the originals of the ios like mail and phone. If someone can help me with it ill be very thankful. Btw, this is my first time opening a topic on a forum.

    Anyways i fixed the problem. You just need to make a folder inside your theme named "Icons" as in previous iOS but in there youll have to put the icons twice one with just the name and one with the @2x resize code. I mean, for example "appname.png" and "[email protected]"
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