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    I would say it is most likely hardware related. Most likely a loose connector thing if you have no sound as well. I dont know enough about the inside of a iPhone 2G to be able to say for sure though.
    2010-11-09 01:25 PM
  2. Davesdream's Avatar
    Hey guys, I'm back again with another strategy. Can anyone tell me about a Windows application (emulator or something similar. I've see it before in YouTube, but don't know for what name to look for)that can allow me to connect my phone and see what it may been showing on the screen even if it doesn't turn on. If this works, I could narrow the technical issue.

    Note: It has to be an application for Windows, nothing to install on the phone, because remember... I cannot do anything on the phone (No Veency or other similar program for IPhone)
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    2010-11-19 12:04 AM
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