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    I have used iBlacklist for a couple years now and i have never had a problem. heres how i use it maybe it will help you..

    if you are saying that you dont want a call to come through if they are not in your contacts of your phone there is an option for that as you can see in Pic 1
    Filter options:
    *Save History- On- will save a history of blocked calls/messages in the iblacklist app
    *Delete Recent Calls- On- will delete the call/message from your call log in the mobile phone app.
    *Address Book Only- On- will allow ONLY calls from your address book
    So you would want all three of them on for your situation

    If you have your whole contact list in a white list it is unnecessary bc you can use the above filter option to block calls to voicemail so you would need no whitelist

    if you have any contacts that you wouldnt want through you can make a blacklist of those contacts, but maybe there is certain times you would want those callers to come through so you need to create a 2nd blacklist that is empty and call it "empty" see pic 2 so you can easily turn on and off the blacklisted numbers. You need to create the empty blacklist b/c the program needs at least one active list.

    then inside each contact you can set each one individually for voicemail or busy signal etc. see pic 3 and 4

    i dont use whitelist bc the way i see it is your not in my contacts for a reason so thats why you are saved in the blacklist.

    but the whitelist can be used for other reasons like only wanting a couple people from your address book to call you at certain times

    So try turning off the whitelist and and set the 3 filter options for calls to on go into the actions settings and set action for whitelist to voicemail(even though your not using whitelist) and then turn the use for blacklist tab at the bottom on see pic 5

    let me know if im missing what you are trying to do exactly and i can help more....hope this helps a little
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    Spectro was nice enough to email me a couple of times and we got it squared away. I said that I had used MCLeaner and was unfamiliar with iBlacklist and for some reason it just had a glitch and change of a setting and I believe it is working now properly.
    I can't thank every one enough for helping me, crossing fingers............can't believe I couldn't figure it out.
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    I'm glad you got it working....

    btw iBlacklist is the main reason I jailbreak I have bought this app 4 times now bc I'm constantly breaking my phones and it's been worth every penny
    2010-11-11 08:34 AM
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    I liked MCleaner for sure, just got used to it I guess. It was the first one I tried. I couldn't imagine being without it. Now figuring out all the bells and whistles should be fun. Thx for your input.
    2010-11-11 08:39 AM
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    I have imported my contacts, all I want it to do is,
    If your not in my contacts lists, it goes to voice mail. I can not believe I can't figure this out. Driven' me nuts.........
    I have about 6 numbers in a blacklist that I created from the old app I had. So I have 1 (one) black list of numbers I have imputed and
    1 (one) white list of every one that was imputed from my contacts on my devise.
    Hope that's clear enough. Sure would like it to work.
    I never ever see a call history either, even though numbers that I have manually imputed into a blacklist, still are able to call through and no block, no iBlacklist, no nada

    If you ain't in my contacts, goes to voice mail, how hard can it be, but here I am and cant figure it out.
    Here is my setup and is working... I will try to tell you from the beginning

    Open iBlacklist

    Calls, SMS and MMS should be on, then save

    Add new Blacklist and choose with contacts you want to be there, In your case 6 I think, save

    Dont use it.

    Active Lists
    General BL need to be with P01
    General WL, nothing, save

    Action Setup
    Whitelists, voicemail, and Use for Blacklists at the bottom on, save
    Restricted Number, Voicemail, save

    Call settings
    Save History on
    Delete Recent Calls on
    Address Book Only on (in that case you are only be blocking people that are not in your contact list) and the ones that you want to block from your contact list in your case those 6 all you got to do is add them to your blacklist.
    Show Statusbar Icon on
    Sound notify on if you want to make a sound when you receive a call or mms
    Vibrate on, if you want it to vibrate
    Block restricted ID on
    Block unknown ID on, save

    Message Settings
    Save HIstory on
    Delete Message on
    Restricted Number on
    Address Book Only on, (same thing as Call Settings)
    Show Status Bar Icon on
    Vibrate (same as Call Settings), save

    Call Privacy on
    SMS Privacy on
    MMS Privacy on
    Voicemail Privacy on
    Call Foward Privacy on (with these settings you are not going to see an alert like a pop up message when you receive a call, mms or sms), save

    Password on (if you want to activate a password for iBlacklist), save

    Camo (if you want to change the icon of iBlacklist or and the name so it can be hided), back

    Database Manager and Force Message App (they are explained by itself)

    Try it out (you are done)

    Any questions, let me know.

    Edit: OK I see you got it working while I was writing you my setup... Im glad you got it

    I'm glad you got it working....

    btw iBlacklist is the main reason I jailbreak I have bought this app 4 times now bc I'm constantly breaking my phones and it's been worth every penny
    Yep, If iBlacklist dont work with the last iOS I do not jailbreak, I bought it 4 times too. Its a life saver.
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