1. BLOAT's Avatar
    help guys i have updated and jailbroken my 3g 8gig iphone now i cant get the apps to download on to the phone it says there is 44 apps on the phone in itunes but there is only about 10 actualy there??? any help appreciated... cheers
    2010-11-10 10:59 PM
  2. BLOAT's Avatar
    so there is actually NO one that can help me?? come on guys someone knows whats going on here? help me please...
    2010-11-14 09:31 PM
  3. TBSS's Avatar
    Is your phone authorized on iTunes to sync? Check to see if you don't have all the apps checked in iTunes to sync.
    2010-11-14 10:31 PM
  4. BLOAT's Avatar
    hiya thanks for the reply, yes they are all checked and the green app bar at the bottom shows the right amount of space taken up on the phone but they arnt there??
    2010-11-14 10:57 PM
  5. z3r01's Avatar
    it seems to me that when u updated , you restored from backup which is a big no no...restore and re-jailbreak but do a new install without restoring the back up and just reinstall the apps....
    2010-11-14 11:18 PM
  6. BLOAT's Avatar
    ah i see so do i need to save all the pictures and contacts etc someware so i can reinstall them? and when you say dont retore from back up do you mean create a new iphone when it asks? thanks
    2010-11-14 11:23 PM
  7. BLOAT's Avatar
    hi all no didnt work i started a new iphone and it didnt sync any at all?? i selected them all but none went on??? also no music synced any help would be appreciated, i am jailbreaking with red snow and version 4.1 ipws, im not bothered about unlocking so maybe there is something else i can use, cheers in advance
    2010-11-17 09:16 AM