1. buncle's Avatar
    Okay... a little backstory...

    About a year ago I moved from the UK to Florida. Almost immediately I noticed my 3G was crashing quite frequently, and enter an unbreakable boot loop. I thought this may be due to my using ultrasn0w to unlock it (so I could use an AT&T prepaid SIM in my UK iPhone).

    Over time I noticed after leaving it off for a while it would boot up without a problem, but once it crashes: apple logo loop. It would also crash more often if I was performing various operations, such as copying files to/from the device, installing apps, running many apps, etc. After running fsck, and picking up disk errors, I decided the NAND memory was possible faulty, since no amount of wiping/restoring seemed to fix it.

    Eventually I got an iPhone 4, and I tucked my 3G away and forgot about it.

    Fast forward to now... I decided to try and restore it again, updated to iOS4.1, this time without ultrasn0w (since I now have a contract, I don't really need the phone part), thinking I'd perhaps use it as a GPS device. Once again the crashing began.
    This time I thought I'd spend a little time investigating. I set about copying a 2Gb file over WiFi to the device. Sure enough, about 200Mb in is resets, and gets stuck in the dreaded apple loop. I tried a few hard resets, but it simply wouldn't boot. I left it for an hour, and lo: it booted! I try copying the file again, same thing occurs.

    Finally, I decided to sit the phone upon an icepack, copied the file and it succeeded. [Many] subsequent tests have confirmed that simply resting the phone on an icepack allows it to function perfectly, but otherwise it reverts to its crashy uselessness.
    So... any thoughts? Does anyone here think there is anything I can do about this? Or does it sound like a simple hardware fault? (Perhaps one that always existed, but was never a problem in cold damp England?)
    2010-11-12 06:51 PM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    From the sounds of it I would say it is a hardware issue.
    2010-11-12 07:01 PM