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    Noticed a lot of people getting water-damage so here are some things you can do to fix your device. It works a large percentage of the time if you do these things ASAP. Most of the time, people get their devices up and running without a problem because of these actions taken. Sometimes when too much damage is done, you'll have to call it a day, but it's worth trying anyway.

    Ok, let's do this!

    1) Turn the thing off, prevent further damage!

    2) DO NOT blow-dry it with a hair dryer. The heat can melt your phone and push the water deeper into your device and cause more damage.

    3) if you know how, disassemble device completely and follow the next step. If you don't want to disassemble, follow the next step too.

    4) get some isopropyl alcohol. It HAS TO BE AS CLOSE TO 100% AS POSSIBLE. I got some 99% on Amazon that worked very well. Nothing below 95% or else you're just drowning your phone in more water than acceptable. What iso alcohol does it basically help evaporate the water quicker and also removes leftover minerals that water leaves in small crevices that could block the hardware and cause problems. You'll want to submerge your device completely in it for about 10-15 minutes. If you have disassembled the device, set the individual parts in the alcohol (everything including the housing just to make sure those residues are eliminated).

    5) get a bag of rice. Silica gel is better (get it at an arts and crafts store like Michaels). Either one works, silica gel is just faster. Stick your device in the rice or silica gel (in rice, cover device entirely but don't forget to cover up holes so rice doesn't get stuck inside). Make sure the container/bag is sealed tightly. If you disassembled your device, let the iso alcohol air dry and reassemble, then set in rice or silica gel.

    6) for devices that were disassembled, one day or two to sit in should be enough since you air-dried the parts. For devices that haven't been disassembled, let sit for at least 2-3 days. Sometimes it takes up to 2 weeks to completely dry. But with the alcohol method, a week is a good amount of time, even 5 days really. You can set in rice/silica gel without doing the iso alcohol, it'll just take longer and residue is possibly left over and could still allow for hardware failure.

    7) check your phone if you can't wait to turn it on and see (I know how that goes, I'm anxious) but don't do it before at least a whole day. Just be sure not to do it too often b/c you could cause more damage during this healing process.

    If you're concerned about the red that indicates water damage (I was lol) then a little bleach will set it back to white. Just a dab of bleach will do the trick of course there are other sensors in the device but as for the visible external one, bleach is the boss!

    Hope this has been helpful, and good luck to all the unfortunate people who got their iDevices water damaged. Btw, this will most likely work on iPads too and MacBooks. I've seen people do this with a MacBook and they saved their computers.
    2010-11-22 06:25 AM
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    Nice guide!
    2010-11-22 06:30 AM
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    Got tired of typing all of that in every individual thread lol. But thank you.
    2010-11-22 06:31 AM
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    Yea that alcohol and rice works well
    2010-11-22 06:33 AM