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  1. kingroach's Avatar
    I just bough a unlcoked iphone. The phone is quite good condition except that it has two bubble under the screen. The phone still has few months warranty left. So, I virginized the phone and activated it and took to apple store ( the big store at 5th avenue in manhattan).. and they told the phone is eligible for replacement but I need to att simcard to get a replacement. I told them I can activate it myself with itunes but the guy said its their policy not to give replacement without simcard.. is it true and is there any other solutions.. the bubbles are basically invisible and not a huge problem but it would be nice to get a replacement phone since its still under warranty.
    2008-03-19 01:05 AM
  2. charlyc's Avatar
    If you setup a account you can still cancel within 14 days.
    2008-03-19 01:33 AM
  3. kingroach's Avatar
    will it work with a prepaid att sim card. they cost like $5 in ebay.
    2008-03-19 04:05 AM
  4. stranegrmo's Avatar
    hello guys i have question can Ziphone help me to put my phone back the way it was when i got it from apple store coz i wanna send it back help
    2008-03-20 08:54 PM