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    Anybody problems with SMS?

    I made a money transaction via my bank on the internet. When I send a transcation off, I should receive an SMS message with a code to complete the transaction. Strange thing is that I do not receive that code.
    When I take the SIM-CARD out and put it in my Sony-Ericsson W800i I receive the SMS message right away!

    So can Sony receive SMS messages which the iPhone can't? Anybody the same problem?
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    2007-09-29 01:01 PM
  2. unclear's Avatar
    Yea, I've heard the iPhone doesn't really have true SMS... I'm not really sure what that means though..

    It may have just been people complaining about the face that it's not MMS (multimedia message, like sending pics over text).
    2007-09-29 02:00 PM
  3. poseidon84's Avatar
    I think iPhone has problem getting messages sent from a text name and not a number.
    2007-09-29 02:04 PM
  4. Bestbier's Avatar
    Another problem is that when I receive an SMS message the time isn't right.
    I received a message at 11pm and the iPhone said that it was posted at 2pm.
    This while I've set the iPhone time right and the time zone as well (GMT+1, Netherlands). The 9 hours difference looks like the Cupertino time, but I've set things right I think....
    2007-10-01 10:10 PM
  5. johentie's Avatar
    the time thing is an issue.. dunno if that wsa fixed in 1.1.1

    not willing to try and find out..

    SMS is very weak on the iphone.. there are a lot of things you CANNOT do and the layout SUCKS... i like the "e-mail" folder set up better for SMS like most phones..

    but eh.. we'll see what happens
    2007-10-01 11:12 PM