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  1. celio's Avatar
    Hi folks.

    I got a 3gs 4.2.1. I have installed from Cydia the following:

    - Barrel
    - Graviboard
    - 3D Board
    - Winterboard
    - Lockinfo
    - Android Lock

    I enabled all of that apps and instaled a new theme from winterboard, after that i reloaded the springboard but then i get myself frozen on a lock screen. With date and time outdated. I've reeboted and reseted. Every time i reebot, i get on the same lock screen. All i want is to get Winterboard reseted via computer or other way or Cydia reseted without restoring the iphone. I think i have messed up installing everything toghether. I've take out the battery as well.
    Please, any help is welcome, i got a lot of information there that i want to preserve.
    Thank you

    BTW, people can call to my iphone, but i cant hear ringing, in fact nothing happens but the person who is calling hear the tone, which means the iphone is not dead, just with a frozen springboard that i cant access.
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  2. James360Petty's Avatar
    The only thing I can think to try is to try and SSH into the phone and delete the folders containing the themes bu I'm unsure as to what effect this will have, if you go into Var/library/themes and....... better yet rename the folders you have enabled through winterboard and then reboot..... see what happens!!!!
    2011-04-02 11:50 PM
  3. celio's Avatar
    thanks i will see.

    in fact i could not ssh my iphone using terminal, cause i have to access wifi on my iphone and he is frozen. I will try use another program to access var/library. Do you know any methods?
    thank you
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  4. James360Petty's Avatar
    iPhone Explorer - A USB iPhone browser for Mac and PC

    Worth a try, will give you root access via USB but still don't know if it will work?!?

    And the folder you want is Var/Stash/themes (my bad)
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  5. celio's Avatar
    It worked. In fact the real problem was the AndroidLock, i've located him and deleted. Thank you very much for your support.
    2011-04-03 01:57 PM
  6. James360Petty's Avatar
    Most welcome.....
    2011-04-03 06:35 PM
  7. sainisourabh1's Avatar
    please help me...

    my iphone is frozen coz i had a winterboard theme installed , and on that i installed a dreamboard theme i.e metroon...

    please tell me what to do..... please help its urgent....

    any suggests are welcome.....!!!!!!
    2012-10-03 10:33 AM
  8. NanoTeXplorer's Avatar
    Maybe u should do as what was instructed above.
    2012-10-04 09:10 AM