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    Downloaded bigify from Cydia, respringed iPhone to find ALL my applications missing. Only way I could remove it was by searching Cydia on spotlight, and deleting it. After iPhone respringed (again) everything was normal. Running iPhone 4 4.2.1 // 3.10.01. You've been warned.
    2011-04-18 06:06 AM
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    Ditto. I'm on iPhone 4 running 4.3.1 and just downloaded Bigify and it doesn't remove the apps, but it makes the icons invisible. You can still hit the areas where you know your icons are and it will still open them. I went to Settings this way and played with the settings for Bigify, but nothing ever changed the fact that the icons were invisible. I finally had to uninstall it from Cydia and then all my icons came back.

    This is a pretty huge bug.


    Edit: Okay, I just found out how to get around this bug. After installing and you've got an empty springboard, either click on where your Settings icon would normally be, or find it through Spotlight. Then, go to the settings for Bigify, and turn the option "Default Scale" from Off to On. Respring. Your icons will then appear. You can then go back to Bigify's settings, turn "Default Scale" back to Off, and play with the angle/transparency/scale settings as you wish. No more invisible icons.

    HOWEVER ... one thing I've noticed that bugs me even after this workaround is that none of the icons (except those in folders) retain their labels. Bigify appears to remove icon labels for Springboard and Dock icons, but leaves labels for those in folders intact. You can move an unlabeled icon into a folder and respring, and it will have a label and then you can move it back out to the Springboard or Dock, but that label will disappear on the very next respring. This is incredibly bothersome and they should include an option to leave labels on or turn them off -- or, if they can't/won't do that, then labels should always be on by default, seeing as how in Winterboard you get default options to take labels off either the Dock icons or the Springboard icons.
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    2011-04-18 08:55 AM
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    Good job finding this solution it's an app to get and keep but I wouldn't get maybe I would yeah for my themes is this like iblank kudos

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    2011-04-18 03:34 PM
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    Huh, no issues here with Shrink and icon resizing :P.
    2011-04-20 06:08 PM
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    Ha lol I know right 
    2011-04-21 02:55 AM