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    Sup ppl. So..... Downloaded Camerawallpaper and restarted springboard and now I'm stuck on the lock screen and all it does is like a refresh with the spinner going. Tried the home and power button but it goes right back to it. I'm I gonna have to restore? Had my phone jb and unlocked by someone else so I just have reading experience never done it before. iPhone is a 3GS on 4.2.1 running the iPad bb. Should I use greenpois0n to jb? Any help within the next couple ah minutes would be ****** awesome cuz I am freakin out!

    Please give me info and links cuz there's sooo many damn jb sites I have no idea what works and what doesn't. Really don't want to upgrade but if it's possible than that's cool as long as I can keep my unlock.

    Tried calling it with another phone and it's still stuck. Tried plugging it in to the comp and it's still stuck. Trying to kill the battery and see if that works. Any other ideas?

    Screw it I'm downloading snow breeze right now and I'm just gonna update to 4.3.3 since there's no help on ANY forums.
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