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    I was on my iphone 4 4.2.1 firmware jailbroken with Green Poison this morning and I used the SBsettings to reboot it and it rebooted to just a black screen. I have fx tunes on my phone and when I would hit the power button to turn it on I would hear the "tv tube" sound come on and off but just a black screen. I turned the power off and no luck still the black screen. I held the power and home button to reset it and still no luck. I did a search on google and here at MMi and still no luck I am in the process of restoring it through itunes and it has been sitting at the restoring iphone screen now for about 45 minutes with just a smidegen left on the progress bar. Has anyone else encountered this and is my phone f-ed up for good and lastley any help would be greatley appreciated Thank you in advance

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    Put your phone in DFU and then restore.

    With a title of 'Hekp Please' lots of people will look who have no knowledge of your problem and others who might be able to help will ignore it as they only look at questions where they have knowledge. Next time a more descriptive title might help, but even then an answer within a couple of hours is pretty quick.
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    I can't see my screen to put it into DFU mode thats the thing...and your right I should have been more descriptive in my heading. The screen is all black. It has been restoring since last night around 9:00.
    2011-05-19 04:20 PM