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    Hello guys, I have one question, I'm not sure if it goes into this forums but I didn't found another to put it, you see, my iPhone 4 its "originally" to be used on the US locked to AT&T, unlocked via Gevey SIM and I'm using it in Mexico, but, when someone calls me, even if I have the person in my contact list, the phone shows me the actual phone number that's dialing me, and not the contact name of the person. The Show My Caller ID its activated and everything seems to be configured correctly, but if I receive an SMS it actually appears the contact info of who send it.

    Any idea why could this be?
    2011-05-20 11:33 PM
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    If you have cydia installed, search for CallerID Format Fix.

    Typing just CallerID should come up with term on cydia.
    2011-05-21 04:36 AM
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    Hello DraganUS, thank you, but I just see that there's a fix but just for iOS 3.x, not for 4.1, that its the one I have

    .:: EDIT ::.

    Hello guys, forget it, already fixed with Allaa solution in the forums at iphone4jailbreak.org, if anyone as this problem I leave the link here:

    Thank you for your help anyway !!!!
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    2011-05-21 08:18 AM