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    Hello! Just a quick question. I got this iPhone from my friend and this is what the screen looks like. Everything else works just can't see the bottom. I know how to replace it but I just want to make sure I'm buying the right thing to fix this issue.

    I found a LCD Display Screen Replacement for 30 bucks on eBay and the guy said it's what I need but it might need a logic board? I don't know. Figure I'd post this to see if anyone can help me. iPhone 3GS 16 Gig. 4.3.3 JBed. Had to :P


    Thank you!
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    9 times out of 10, this is nothing more than an LCD replacement. In the bottom left corner in the pic, you can see where the point of impact is, causing the display failure.

    I would just replace the LCD, everything else should be fine.
    2011-06-07 11:07 PM
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    Alright, I took your word for it. I purchased the new LCD screen threw eBay. The guy had 99.6 positive feedback ans free shipping for 30 dollars. I feel that's the case since everything else works on it.

    Thank you!
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    2011-06-08 02:21 AM
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    I would get the LCD + Digitizer if you're going to mess with the screen for as in my experience, it is hard to separate the two parts
    2011-06-09 06:12 PM
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    I agree, although I didn't have any experience with the digitizer but seeing YouTube videos on it, yuck. Well, the LCD screen should be here tomorrow. 30 dollar mistake.

    I have another issue, and instead of creating a new thread, I was hoping someone could help me with this home button. It works just really hard to press. Now, I think I may have the answer. If you look at the picture, you can KINDA see that the little silver cap is pushed to the side. If you look very carefully you could see the cap towards the top part of the home button. Doesn't sit right with me.


    Any ideas?


    Here is what I did for people who may have this issue. I took a small flat head screw drive and moved it to the center. Which it now "pops" when pressed. I'll leave this post in case some one else has the issue.

    UPDATE: After turning it out, "Voice Control" automatically popped up. Which meant, the flex cap was forced down so I just moved it slightly over so it wasn't centered and fixed that issue.
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