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    Modmyi now has a new policy of not allowing selling of UDID slots on this site. Any current threads will be closed. Any new threads involving the selling of these Dev slots will be deleted without warning.

    Effective immediately, the only place that sales of developer slots for beta firmware may be posted is the iPhone Buy | Sell | Trade Forum. All rules and regulations of the iPhone B-S-T forum must be obeyed.

    Do not link to your sales thread in your signature, or link to it in an unrequited manner in a post. External websites offering sales are expressly forbidden in any and all forms. Posting links or explaining how to obtain any beta firmware is piracy and as such is expressly forbidden. Posts detailing methods of activating beta firmware without developer registration or otherwise bypassing legitimate registration are forbidden.

    Threads asking for assistance with beta firmware installation or operation are permitted so long as all other rules are followed.

    Threads and posts in violations of these rules will be deleted, and their posters sanctioned for violation of forum rules. Thank you for your cooperation.
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    Nicely put orbs.
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    2011-06-08 03:48 AM
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    2011-06-08 01:05 PM