1. JoseDanielR's Avatar
    Please if anybody can tell me what todo I have an iPhone 4 without a sim card and I want to use it with at&t. Should I just go to aTT
    2011-06-09 05:32 PM
  2. sladester's Avatar
    You can go to att but they will charge between $20-30 for a new sim card. I called the att customer support and had one sent to my house for free
    2011-06-09 05:57 PM
  3. JoseDanielR's Avatar
    Ah ok thanks for answer maybe i didnt explain but I have an account and I want to add this iPhone without SIM CARD to a family plan can I do that without sim card
    2011-06-09 06:23 PM
  4. sstroud's Avatar
    maybe I'm missing something, but each phone on the account needs a phone number. How can you have a phone number but no SIM card?
    2011-06-10 09:07 PM
  5. JoseDanielR's Avatar
    I found this iphone 4 with out sim card thats why
    2011-06-11 01:07 AM