1. ibiggy's Avatar
    Thanks for looking in, i'm living in the UK and shortly am going to Canada to visit family in Vancouver, i have an unlocked iphone 3GS, can anyone give me the best advice with ref to whom i should use whilst there.
    I am in the country for 18 days, and need the phone to contact my family who live in Canada via Txt or Phone call if need be.
    I would also like to call occaisionally to the UK whilst there.
    What is the best way forward?
    I am currently on a contract with T-mobile in the UK, But realise if i use the same SIM in Canada i will get stung on roaming charges etc.
    Is there anyone that could advise me what SIM to use where to get it etc,
    much Appreciated
    2011-07-10 12:28 PM