1. dimadelux's Avatar
    i have an iphone thats about 2 weeks old and i had recently jailbroken it and i got all my apps to work and stuff. But now my Safari is very unstable on the iphone, it crashes every other time and does not remember my login details for any site. Anyone know how to fix this?
    2008-03-20 06:37 PM
  2. tek9nine's Avatar
    I had the same problem on my iPhone as well. I had to do a restore with 1.1.4 and then unlock again. usually caused by either some base software corruption and there also a few sites that there is an error on the page during the loading process and causes safari program itself to crash.
    I have yet to find a fix for that. Happens on certain pages when i login for t-mobile email setup
    2008-03-20 07:29 PM