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    .....No, I don't have a stolen phone. My 3GS was under water for about a second...I opened it up, let it air out, but all I have is a bright white screen. I tried to jazz it up and pass it through apple to get a new one for free, but when they noticed the 2 white/pink stickers were missing from the inside of the phone, I'm sure they knew what was up.

    I went the honest route and bought a new one. But I was under the impression that since the phone can still ring when texts come in, and because I can hit the screen and dial numbers and whatnot...I could still get all the contacts, photos, etc off of it. The people at apple agreed.

    ...But, I guess they didn't realize it was password protected. I can't enter my password even though I've tried MANY times to do it exactly like I would if I could see the screen and numbers. The ITUNES message that pops up recognizes "Pete's iPhone" but says that it cannot connect because it is locked with a passcode. I've tried with apple for hours, but I guess when they have no monetary gains to be made, they don't get too creative with solutions.

    Do you guys have any other suggestions? My best idea was buy a new screen...which might not fix the issue cuz it could also be the logic board...and from there, I don't even know if it would still have the information I want.

    This information I have stored on that phone and ONLY on that phone (not synced to any computer previously) is very valuable so any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated.
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