1. Bourgeoisie's Avatar
    I bought a new cover for the back of my iphone, replaced the cover and it went back to gether, followed the directions to a T. Once I powered back up it started giving me "sim card not installed" warnings. The phone is jailbroken and I've never had these issues before. I restored my 4.3.3 and the phone works for a bit, then it cut out giving me the sim errors. To make it more complicated... the bloody wifi cuts in and out now. Any thoughts?
    2011-07-18 11:05 PM
  2. 805 93003's Avatar
    Add (glue, tape) a thin strip of plastic as needed to the deepest part of the SIM Tray to increase the length of your SIM Tray. Your SIM Tray is too short, or the SIM Bay is now a bit longer and your SIM Tray is not reaching the back of the Bay to completely push the activate lever at the back of the SIM Bay all the way in.
    2011-07-19 04:27 AM
  3. Tazz229's Avatar
    I have a 3G that has poor wifi try this...
    Open it up and right at the back where the wifi antenna plugs on to the mainboard fold up a little piece of cardboard ( a piece of Rizla packet is ideal) not too thick lay it on top of the connector and close the phone up. Basically so that it pushes down on the connector a little. I did this and voila full wifi range again. Turned out to be a little loose that's all!

    If your not too sure which is the wifi connector just google it
    2011-07-19 12:33 PM
  4. Bourgeoisie's Avatar
    Turns out these aftermarket rear backing on the iPhone is not made exactly to spec for as the first response suggested, the sim tray was just a bit too high so after some carving of the tray with a knife to make it more shallow and bending the metal contact in the bottom of the sim slot so it takes little pressure to disconnect, the phone is back to new, thanks for the responses!
    2011-07-19 08:01 PM