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    Hello everyone,

    First post. I have searched this forum and Google and tried various 'solutions' with no luck. I would sincerely appreciate any help!

    I have a Greenpoison jailbroken iPhone4 running iOS 4.2.1. I am running WinSCP to transfer files from the iPhone to a Windows XP PC. All of the images, videos, etc transferred just fine. But, the .emlx files in the 'Sent Emails' folders (and also files in the 'Notes') will not move due to an error regarding permissions. I know I need to change the permissions on the folder or files, but cannot seem to do so. When I go to properties, it gives yet another error and will not change the permissions. I installed MobileFinder and it just crashes.

    Due to the amount of files I need to copy to my PC, I prefer to use something that changes the permissions of the entire folder instead of just individual files so it doesn't take forever to edit all the permissions.

    Does anyone know of an easy way to edit folder permissions?

    Thanks for looking, take care.
    2011-07-22 05:12 AM