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    Hey guys, not sure if this belongs in General or File Mods, but here goes:

    I have an iPhone 4 (JB @ 4.2.1), and an obscure bluetooth headset system for a motorcycle helmet.

    It has a button that plays/pauses my iPod music, but pressing and holding it does not activate Voice Control like most headsets' buttons would. (The headset also auto-answers calls after 5 seconds; pressing this button declines the call).

    So. I'd like to be able to access Voice Control from the headset, and if that means losing play/pause functionality that's fine.

    I tried using activator, setting both Headset Button > Short Hold and Headset Button > Single Press to Voice Control, but had no luck.

    1. Does anyone know of a debugging/logging program that would let me figure out exactly what keypress or signal is being sent from the headset when I press the button?

    2. Does anyone know of a program or tweak that would let me remap that headphone-initiated play/pause functionality to trigger Voice Control instead?

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