1. crewxp's Avatar
    Hey, is there any way to transfer playlists/contacts/etc from my iphone to my computer?

    I just formatted my computer, already have all my music back in itunes, but want to get the contacts, playlists, and all the info from my iphone to my computer.

    I don't want to erase them.
    2007-10-01 11:38 AM
  2. Someguy2054's Avatar
    if you look in under preferences, there should be a thing under contacts so that you can sync only one way. By syncing, you will be able to go one way with contacts ( i believe... i don't have my phone with me to test it out)

    ... on a side note why did you have to formatt your drive? AND since you knew you were to formatt your drive... why not make a backup of your contacts?( if you go into adress book it takes about 20 seconds to make a back up ( i do it every month so i don't loose stuff anyways... and i have 3000 contacts and the file is relatively small)
    2007-10-01 07:07 PM