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    First Episode : since several weeks I cant send anymore any SMS from my iPhone.

    As I was travelling in another country (and as it was working correctly before my travel), I was thinking that it was due to a particular limitation;

    But, now, I am actually in "my" country, but I still cannot send anymore any SMS.

    I have no error message, it is just that my iPhone is sutcked on "Sending"... indefinitively.

    Perhaps it is due to an app or tweak installed while I was on holidays, but which one ...

    Second Episode : Now the problem is far more complicated ... Indeed, I wanted to make some test and so before that I wanted to backup my sms.db file by renaming it to "sms.db.OLD"

    I did my test, the system created a new sms.db file; and as the problem was still here, I deleted the new sms.db file and rename my sms.db.OLD to sms.db but I dont know why the file is empty now and has just a size of "49 152" :-((

    Now I cannot send any SMS and when I am notified of a new SMS, it doesnt appear anymore :-( and I have lost all my SMS messages ...

    So ... I think it will be a nice occasion to migrate to iOS 4.3.3 (I am actually on 4.2.1 but I have SHSH 4.3.3 on Cydia).
    The question is : How can I restore my SMS from the iTunes backup to manually restore them when I will have installed the 4.3.3 (because if I make a backup right now, it will overwrite the last backup that is containing my SMS, right ?)

    Thank you for your help
    2011-08-16 11:15 PM