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    I had major problems with my phone the other day so i was gonna restore it. but then itunes said i needed to update first and i didnt want 4.3.5 because there isnt a jailbreak out yet for that, so i got tinyumbrella and now i just dont care anymore... i'll live without jailbreak whatever! I have been trying to restore my phone for a while now. but itunes error 1013 keeps coming up and people are saying put it in dfu mode(im not sure if that is recovery mode?) again it didnt work. and now my phone is stuck in recovery mode.. i cant restore my phone now(version 4.3.3).. and to top it all off i cant even use it because it is in recovery mode. i probably majorly messed up somewhere(im fairly new to jailbreak so im barely a beginner) but if anyone can help me cool, if not, what options do i have? But please at this point i don't even want jailbreak anymore so if i have to update to 4.3.5 to restore so be it but please lil help here?

    anything? please? and if im (for lack of a better word) screwed just tell me if i have ANY options at all
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    Erase the host file in windows / system32 / drivers / etc. Don't delete file open with notepad and delete line that says gs.apple.com. The whole line! Restart iTunes. Should be good. If you have Mac...I'll get back to you later, or someone else can tell you the file location.
    2011-08-17 01:48 PM
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    2 things. one i have 2 lines of gs.apple.com And two i read somewhere tinyumbrella messes this process up is that true? because i tiny umbrela

    " gs.apple.com
    # gs.apple.com"

    And when i tried to save the work i did on notepad it either said the file path was not correct or i needed the administrators permission to save in that location
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    Its working i got it restored it is running 4.3.5 but i dont care anymore thanks for your help
    2011-08-17 07:07 PM