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    A few days ago my iPhone 3GS 4.3.3 was giving me the connect to iTunes popup so I downloaded push doctor and a few of the packages that come with it won't download and continue to popup on the confimation page. Now no packages can be installed or removed. How can I stop these from continuously reappearing?
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    2011-08-20 02:45 AM
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    Ok so now I have a new problem. I decided to backup with PKGBackup, restore, re-jailbreak, then restore from PKGBackup. It gave me a dropbox error for every app data it tried to download. Now I can't install or remove anything from Cydia because every package page is blank except for the back button. So now I'm trying to restore again with iTunes and it gives me error 3194 and I have "set hosts to cydia" unchecked. I've looked on google and it said to uncheck "set hosts to cydia" to fix the error. Could someone please help?
    2011-08-21 06:45 AM
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    SHSH blobs are required to restore to any version except: the current, and 4.1
    What version did you try to restore when 3194 error?

    Use Tiny Umbrella to Save SHSH from Cydia. What blobs do you have?
    2011-08-21 07:07 AM
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    I had the blobs backed up on Cydia, extracted with TU and had restored to 4.3.3 successfully twice after 4.3.5 came out. This time it wasn't working. But I fixed all the Cydia bs by restarting my phone, which I forgot to do after restoring with PKG...
    2011-08-21 09:16 PM
  5. Mes's Avatar
    So everything is working now?
    2011-08-21 09:24 PM
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