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    I've owned the iPhone 2G since it's release date, and never thought about upgrading as I don't want to get stuck with a new contract, but then decided, why not? I'm sure I'll use my phone for next two years. Well anyways, with this free iPhone 3gs promo at Best Buy I guess it's my best time to act. Last year I was once offered a free iPhone 4 through AT&T, but stupidly declined.

    I know the standard response will be to be wait for the iPhone 5, but I'm short on money, and doubt the changes will be significant, at least not a couple hundred dollars worth of a significance. My 2g is in bad shape. Stuck pixels everywhere, broken LCD, broken speaker, and so on...

    Any suggestions is great. Thank you.

    EDIT: Just found out sales tax is still applied to a free product. Around $50 to be exact. I'm that short on money that I can't afford the taxes. I guess I'll just wait on the iPhone 5, and hopefully by then I can afford to buy it.
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    Going to to a 3GS will be a huge improvement! 3G data connection, faster processor, more RAM, better camera with auto-focus, GPS, compass, iOS 5 compatibility (when it comes out! big upgrade from iOS 3.1.3) are a few new features, to name a few.

    If budget is tight, go for it! But then again, Apple is releasing an 8 GB iPhone 4 later this year and carriers might start selling the iPhone 4 at prices like the 3GS when the iPhone 5 comes out.
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