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    My wife and I both have jailbroken iPhones. 3G for me 3GS for her. We still have the unlimited data plan still with AT&T and use MYWI to tether as we do not have any other means of internet access. Our bill seems to be high every month 150+. We are eligible for upgrades coming up. Oct. for my wife and mine has been available for awhile but have just been waiting for the new phone. Just wondering what would be the best thing for us to do. Should we upgrade and keep AT&T? or switch over to Verizon? but Verizon just dropped their unlimited data plan. We heard AT&T charges you for tethering if it sees your data is high and switches your plan. We have not noticed that on our bill and nobody at AT&T has said that's on there. We also heard that they will slow down your 3G? According to the Kim Komando radio program AT&T is apparently suppose to be getting better signal/data . We are just not sure what to do. We just want to know what would be in our best interests. We use our phones all the time and of course it's our access to the internet. Any info or help would greatly appreciated.
    Thank you and have a blessed day/night Anton & Snow
    2011-08-28 09:33 AM