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    Ok, I'm usually good at figuring this out, but I can't seem to get to work like in the first two screen shots for it's sister app, ScrollingBoard.

    I have SBRotator 1.70, ScrollingBoard 2.01, Five-Column SpringBoard 1.1.2, and FolderEnhancer 1.4.5-1. With FCSB installed, I always get 5 columns no matter is SBRotator's iPad style is enabled or not. If I uninstall FCSB, I can enable iPad style in SBRoatator's options, allowing 6 cols by 3 rows in landscape, but 4 x 4 in portrait.

    I've looked through all the settings carefully, but I just can't seem to replicate what those two sceenshots appear to show.

    Thanks for any clues about this.
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