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  1. whalien's Avatar
    Hi there.

    My wife's Iphone 4 was stolen yesterday. I had an old 3G laying around but sadly, you cannot restore an Iphone 4 backup on a 3G. You can a 3GS, but that's no use to me. I managed to extract the address book database from the Iphone 4 backup, which is a sqlitedb file. No luck converting it to CSV or something readable by the Iphone 3.

    Our only copy of the address book is on the Iphone 4 backup. Her contacts do not exist on a computer. I was hoping backing up the Iphone4 backup to the 3G would be painless. Turns out to be next to impossible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance,

    2011-09-30 04:23 PM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    If you are on a Mac you can extract the contents including contacts from your backup with juicephone. On windows you can use iPhone backup extractor.
    2011-09-30 04:34 PM
  3. whalien's Avatar
    Hey Simon,

    Thanks for the advice. I was able to extract the Iphone 4's backup using Iphone backup extractor no problem. Did that last night. What the issue is, is importing the address book database from the extracted backup. The address book filetype is an sqlitedb, which isn't supported by address book on her computer. I was hoping to convert the sqlitedb to CSV.


    2011-09-30 05:13 PM
  4. Simon's Avatar
    Doesnt iPhone backup extractor extract the contacts as vCard file though?
    2011-09-30 05:33 PM
  5. whalien's Avatar
    when i extracted the iphone 4, the file in the address book folder was called "AddressBook.sqlitedb". not a vCard file.
    2011-09-30 05:57 PM
  6. Simon's Avatar
    This is what I see when using it. I click on the contacts link and it extracts to a folder in vCard format.

    2011-09-30 06:08 PM
  7. whalien's Avatar
    looks like you're on a PC. i'm on a mac.
    2011-09-30 06:14 PM
  8. Simon's Avatar
    Have you tried juicephone yet then? addPod - JuicePhone

    Edit: I guess that wont work either, looks like it does the same thing. Just gives you the sqlite

    No access to a windows computer?
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    2011-09-30 06:15 PM
  9. whalien's Avatar
    not at home. possibly at work. thanks so much for all your suggestions.
    2011-09-30 06:31 PM
  10. Simon's Avatar
    No prob. I see a few sqlite converters when googling but TBH I have never used any of them so unsure if they are any good. May be easier to just take that backup onto a windows computer and use iphone backup extractor.
    2011-09-30 06:34 PM
  11. raduga's Avatar
    whalien: to get CSV out of sqlite
    If you're able to use and navigate the OS X -
    this should work:

    $ sqlite3 -csv -header AddressBook.sqlitedb "select ROWID,First,Last,Middle,Organization,Department,Note,Kind,Birthday,JobTitle,Nickname,Prefix,Suffix,DisplayName from ABPerson"  > AddressBook.csv
    This will grab ALL fields, but may not import cleanly.
    $ sqlite3 -csv -header AddressBook.sqlitedb "select * from ABPerson"  > AddressBook.csv
    If you'd rather not muck with typing things on the command-line,
    this one offers a 30 day free trial -
    RazorSQL Download
    I've never used it, and cannot guarantee it will work.
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    2011-09-30 07:00 PM