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  1. rankzerg's Avatar
    alright so last night i had my phone charging with the supplied iphone cord plugged into my computer running pdanet. all the sudden it stopped charging. and it wont charge anymore

    if i plug it in, it will charge for no more than 10 seconds, stop charging, start charging again a few times for a duration of no more than 1 second then say "the accessory is not compatible for charging" or whatver it says

    it usually takes no more than 20 seconds to get to "the accessory is not compatible for charging" after charging/uncharging a few times

    ... if that makes any sense at all. if i shut the phone off (plugged in) it will turn right back on... charge for a second then stop charging and etc.

    i managed to put it in DFU mode and it seems like it is finally charging now

    my phone is jailbroken and unlocked using limera1n. i also heavily rely on this phone (like most of you i assume) and it is the main source for my internet. i am typing this in a laundry room of a hotel stealing thier internet so as you can see, the coolness factor of this dilemma is quite significantly low.

    my other questions (that have probably been asked multiple times in the past and most of you are probably sick of them but i will ask anyway)

    when i backup my iphone, what exactly gets backed up and how do i use it. i would like to upgrade the firmware for obvious reasons.

    is there a way i can sync my iphone without using a cord and going through wifi or any other means? i obviously cant sync my iphone with the cord

    the most important things i would like to make sure are backed up and can remain on the phone when i install a newer version of ios

    -all texts (i save all the texts i have ever received and sent and i would like to keep it that way due to some possible mental disorder i have)
    -contacts (obviously)
    -saved passwords on random sites in safari (i have a bad memory and i am too lazy to write them down

    if i back up my iphone, will all these get transferred back to my phone? and if not, what else can i do to make sure they do?

    thats all i can think of for now

    2011-10-01 06:08 AM
  2. iJonathan's Avatar
    I've had the same issue a few times, first try the logical thing and try a different charging cord, then try a restore, if not, well then it's time to get a replacement part
    2011-10-01 04:30 PM
  3. 805 93003's Avatar
    The fix for "the accessory is not compatible " warning is clean iPhone Dock Port. First try a clean dry toothbrush. If the warning occurs again. Clean the Dock Port again with the toothbrush and a bit of Isopropyll Alcohol, especially clean the pins which are on top of the dock mid rib.
    2011-10-01 04:55 PM
  4. rankzerg's Avatar
    Bump diddly

    Tried both of those. No dice
    2011-10-03 01:49 AM