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    Hi guys,

    I just went on to Cydia on my iPhone 3GS & iPad 1 and saw that I had a bunch of updates for lots of my apps (ios5 related). Aside from the updates the only other app I chose to install was isslfix as this was on neither device.

    When I ran the queue, half way through both processes springboard crashed, and then I chose to reboot the phone (the isslfix said you needed to do this after install).

    Anyway, when i go back into Cydia on both devices I get an error "dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem" - does anyone know how to sort this? I've looked on Google but most problems seem to be related to installing XMBC on Apple TV or some Ubuntu error.

    Appreciate any help people can offer
    2011-10-15 12:02 PM