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    I recently bought a used iPhone 3GS on Craigslist for my brother and I didn't restore it because I didn't know anything about the iPhone 3GS and their unlockable base bands; and because it was on 4.3.3 which Apple doesn't sign anymore. Anyways, it has all of the normal cracked apps and other stuff which I knew how to delete. But there was one annoying app that would not get deleted even with Cydelete, and that was "biteSMS". I deleted the little booger via Cydelete but remnants of it still remains in the phone such as when I use the volume rocker. I tried going into Cydia but... the previous owner might be using a different layout? Because I couldn't find the package installed for biteSMS unless it's under something else. I did a lot of googling to see if anyone else would have the same problem as me but I couldn't find anyone. Anyways, if anyone have the solution to this tedious bug, please post it; thanks and all of the replies are much appreciated.

    P.S. The phone also came with annoying apps from the actual app store that are stuck on the "Loading/Downloading" phase which cease to go away even with a hard reboot. Anyone know how to get rid of these boogers too? (: Thanks!
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