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    sorry ..... I have searched this site (and others) for some solution but lots of conflicting information (opinions?). I have new 4S unlocked from Apple, need intermittent service in U.S. and don't know which provider will give me proper data service.

    I am in the U.S. for 2 weeks at a time, every few months, so an ongoing plan is not suitable.

    So .... which provider can give web (data) access in the U.S. ? doesn't need to be fast, as long as it works with Siri and email. I don't mind paying per day, if necessary.

    In the past few days I've been to T-Mobile, ATT and H2dO company stores as well as ATT kiosk store ...... and they ALL tell me something different.
    The ATT kiosk girl's final parting words were "or .... you can go to WalMart, buy a $10 phone, and use the SIM from that". Don't know much about THAT method, either.

    HELP, please.
    thank you

    2011-11-26 04:54 PM
  2. bigmutt's Avatar
    please ..... I need SOME kind of reply!
    I'm getting ready to return the phone to Apple during my 30 day refund period.
    Thank you.
    2011-12-01 12:56 AM
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    Look into go-phone from Att there are threads on here about activating and cutting the sim to make it work, if that helps
    2011-12-02 11:51 PM