1. _Username's Avatar
    My iPhone 4 as of a couple days ago has been having some lag issues with audio, and it's not just music. This includes the keyboard click sounds as well. When I'm typing the clicks with be audible, and then they will stop clicking for a few seconds, even as you type more...then when you stop typing, sounds of all of the clicks that didn't come through the speakers while it was lagging, come out as one BIG CLICK. Also when playing music, the audio will stop coming through the speakers for about 2-3 secs, and the song will continue to play, even while there is no sound coming through the speakers...and when the music comes through the speakers again, it is at a different spot in the song, (i.e. it doesn't resume from where it left off, b/c if it did, it which would suggest a problem with the music player) . . . . this music-speaker lag occurs every 5-8 secs. I have checked it out...I've determined that it is a software issue b/c it suddenly acted up during a time of downloading/updating applications. So I've uninstalled all of the apps that I downloaded in the past few days, but the issue still remains.

    Has anyone heard of this before?? I'm on the edge of restoring to factory settings and then backing up...but, again, assuming that this issue is a software one, then wouldn't I just be restoring my iPhone to my laggy data after wiping my data to factory? I'm not what to do...

    Please help me!! I'll give you cookies!
    2011-11-29 05:21 AM
  2. petecal21's Avatar
    Hey, I had the same problem. I eventually removed Hands-Free Control. This stopped the skipping in my music and in TomTom too.
    2011-11-30 06:09 AM
  3. Nopstnz8's Avatar
    I'm having this problem and it's driving me CRAZY! I'll just be listening to music and doing nothing else, and it will either pause the music two to three times where each time I have to unpause it with the headphones, and when it resumes, it will get all staticy for a few seconds. I had this problem in iOS4 on mt 3GS,so I'm assuming Apple hasn't fixed this bug because if it was hardware, why would the issue be there even after switching phones? Could it be an extension I have? I'm not using hands free control, but could the semitether jailbreak be the issue? Oddly enough, I've never had problems with playback when my iPhone 4 is connected to my car stereo via the dock connector. Even on two four hour drives to and from home to school, not a single problem once, and this is very annoying.
    2011-12-03 05:17 AM