1. lunercrab's Avatar
    ok so long story short exactly one month ago i bought a white 4s and i've been having problems off and on with it...i restored it once when 5.0 was still being signed, but i did not update it to 5.0.1 cause i wanted the jb when released...well anyways i've been having a lot of issues with it...like apps are constently crashing...sometimes i'll have the phone on the charger for 9+ hours overnight and the battery will not be charged at 100% in the morning...just a lot of dumb little things...i'm really not sure if it's phone or firmware related...anyways so i want to take it to apple to get it checked out, but i'm curious if they are going to just simply say to update the firmware as a fix and not really check it out more in depth...i really don't want to update it, but i'd really like to know if i have a bum phone or not...i'm mean obviously if i get a new phone it'll most likely be running 5.0.1 anyways so i'm wondering if i should just update it and see if i'm still having issues...any suggestions?
    2011-12-02 05:23 AM
  2. xboxbml's Avatar
    It's up to you really... I've read lots of folks having these same issues...many go back to apple store and either get or demand a new phone...better to have one that works as advertised than keep one that doesn't..hoping an untethered comes out some day...that's my opinion..
    2011-12-02 03:35 PM