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    I was recording a video on my iPhone 4S and Idk why this happened, but I recorded a video of a band playing a few weeks ago, and watching it on my 4S it played just fine, but watching it on my computer, both windows and Mac, it lags through out the video, but it changes, on windows it lags most with windows media player, but a little better through iTunes and QuickTime, but still bad, the audio doesn't match up with the video at all, frame rate is terrible, but on the Mac, it plays a little better, the video lags, then skips and matches up with the audio, and starts lagging after a while and it keeps doing that randomly, I'd think it was a problem during the transfer if it didn't differ between operating systems and media players, I'm thinking the video was just too long but idk, it was like, a 45 min video and ended up being 5 and a half gigs, any one else have a similar issue? Or any insight into this?

    Thank you
    2011-12-24 05:29 AM