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    I changed my password on my iPhone 4 that is unlocked for tmobile running 1.59.00
    Well I forgot my password a few hours later ;( is there anyway to get around it? I'm really depressed now .. I luv my phone and never really saved my shsh blobs

    It's already on iOS 5 so how about I do a baseban preservation restore .. Would that work?
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    2011-12-25 05:16 AM
  2. slayoxus's Avatar
    damn dude. Assuming you have have SHSH Blobs you can restore to iOS 5 using PWND DFU mode and such and using the custom firmware. As for preserving you BB try w/e you did before. Now since you Jailbroken before you do that do some WinSCP or PUTTY SSH Tunnel. Also try idiskaid to get into your file system. After that I suggest searching in your preferences app for your passcode. It may be in you System/Library/ though. If so check both places for something or search on google for where the passcode is stored.
    2011-12-26 07:59 AM