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    hey guys i'm buying a factory unlocked 4s soon and i was wondering what carrier i should use it on..

    when i had my iphone 3gs i used tmobile on it and i only used it for talk and text lol.
    When i had my iphone 4 i used h2o on it and used unlimited talk & text <-- really enjoyed it

    I'm planning on trying out simple mobile when i get my iphone 4s but somethings screaming at me $40 unlimited everything seems too good to be true (besides the downside i don't get 3g, just edge) and it seems a little sketchy. Anyone here ever used Simple Mobile on a iPhone before? How good is it compared to tmobile and/or h2o. I live in New York so i get pretty good coverage from all carriers. Thanks

    2011-12-29 06:30 AM
  2. St3vieee's Avatar
    Bump,,, have heard a couple bad reports on Simple…. thinking of switching to T-Mobile :P again… anyway anyone got a take on this? should i buy a Fact unlOcked 4S or buy a att one on C/ra/ig/s L.i.s.t and keep h2o
    2012-01-01 07:32 AM
  3. caretr's Avatar
    i used simple moble and never had a problem with it
    2012-01-02 10:16 AM
  4. IFIX77's Avatar
    H20 works right right off the AT&T towers so your getting basically the same service. Also you can pick and choose your plan as low as $60 a month! Good luck!
    2012-01-02 05:19 PM