1. mikejinuk's Avatar
    Spire absolutely kills the Tomtom 1.9 app, and possibly Blueprint 3d! Any ideas as to why? I love having Siri working flawlessly (as well as on a 4s) on my iPhone 4, but I'll need my TomTom app eventually.
    2011-12-30 04:59 AM
  2. methoddk's Avatar
    No idea why that would happen, you sure it's Spire killing the app?
    2011-12-31 05:13 AM
  3. pit5bul's Avatar
    Same problem with Spire and TomTom... and i dont have any other cydia apps..*mod edit* .. if i install spire.. tomtom stuck at logo.. if i uninstall.. it works !!

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    2012-01-01 12:55 AM
  4. Blackmobbin's Avatar
    You can move the tomtom.app to the /Applications folder and that fixes it. worked for me!!
    2012-02-28 10:42 AM