1. Jeffewilliams's Avatar
    Wanted to give you all a review on the new Zephyr tweak for iDevices.

    If you don't know what Zephyr is it is a gesture multitasking tweak that makes the iPhones multitasking feature so much easier.

    Normally when you want to use the multitask feature you have to double tap the home button. This can be very inconvenient or impossible if you are like me and sometimes your home button does not respond at all.

    With zephyr you just simply put your finger on the very button of the screen and slide up, it then pulls the multitasking bar up. (much like the new notification center on iOS 5)

    Another amazing feature in zephyr is the ability to put your finger either on the far left or right of the bottom of the screen and swipe across to switch between apps in the multitask bar without even bringing up the bar it's self. It makes switching back and forth so much easier.

    I have to say this tweak is totally worth it. For some reason Apple won't add gestures to the iPhone so this is a great addition to the iPhone. If you are someone who has home button issue like me this is a must have! The hardest part to using this tweak is remembering how
    Convenient it is to use it. BUY IT NOW! Lol
    2011-12-31 09:58 AM