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    Hey guys n gals,

    I have been working intensely on my Iphone 4 since i restored to to factory after 5.0.1 came out.
    I was having many problems after update and restored to factory for the full effect.

    Anyways. I went with LS Nimbus as my lockscreen, and some kind soul has indeed updated it to run on iOS5 without issues.

    LS Nimbus iOS5 incase any of you guys want to use it: Custom iPhone lock screens on iOS5

    I have had alot of trouble with the weather on it. As standard its setup for appleAccuweatherStolen, and i can indeed add my city and country and get a result, but i do prefer yahooWeather.

    I tried to change appleAccuweatherStolen to yahooWeather in the LockScreen.html and change var local: to a ZIP but this did not work out. Just Said N/A on the weather part of the LS.

    Does anyone have a solution so u can use to yahooWeather, or am i stuck using appleAccuweatherStolen? This change over to yahooWeather is reported to have worked with iOS4.x.x

    Hopeing for a little help,
    Ty, and Happy New Year to all!
    2011-12-31 05:00 PM