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    Could somebody tell me the path to SSH to the SMS bubbles in ios 5.0.1 iPhone 4.


    Location for chat kits in iMessage and standard texts please.
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    2012-01-01 01:27 AM
  2. cubeman's Avatar

    There ya go!
    2012-01-01 08:10 AM
  3. cetownsy's Avatar
    You can't view any files in there to adjust SMS bubbles.
    2012-01-02 02:07 PM
  4. cubeman's Avatar
    No, you cannot view the default bubbles. Well you can using ifile otherwise no.

    [email protected] is your message bubble and [email protected] is theres....
    2012-01-02 03:49 PM
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    But there are 2 different shades of blue. I already placed a blue bubble which I thought was the same as iMessage blue. Only when I send an iMessage and a normal text try are 2 different kinds of shades of blue. Why is this ? Basically could you send me the file of the iMessage blue bubble ?
    2012-01-02 03:52 PM
  6. cubeman's Avatar
    I can chk later, if I have the default ones and ill send them. ***always backup first before you replace! (I use a thumb-drive and just save the whole folder first before replacing things in it)
    I think one was blue and the other was like pink or something...
    2012-01-02 03:57 PM
  7. cetownsy's Avatar
    Cheers mate. I just want the iMessage blue bubble and the standard grey. I want this for all messages no green ya see.
    2012-01-02 03:59 PM
  8. cetownsy's Avatar
    I managed it thanks mate.

    I took the one that said was corrupted on to my desktop. Renamed it and replaced into right path.
    2012-01-02 05:05 PM
  9. cubeman's Avatar
    2012-01-02 05:07 PM
  10. cetownsy's Avatar
    I don't suppose you know how I could get a proxy server for Siri ?
    2012-01-02 05:09 PM
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    I don't suppose you know how I could get a proxy server for Siri ?
    Haha I don't want Siri that bad yet.. What I have read, its a pain... iPhone moding is much more simple... ;-)
    2012-01-02 05:16 PM
  12. cetownsy's Avatar
    Fair enough lol.
    2012-01-02 05:18 PM
  13. QBALL375's Avatar
    Have litteraly spent hours in trying to figure this out.I want to drop in some custome balloons into the iphone 4. They are properly named and I have used your advice and still nothing. Although they appear in ifile and in chatkit they still do not appear. I also had them in SMS Themes file in winterboard and still nothing. Where might I be going wrong here. I though I have tried everything. Any help would be appreciated.......Thanks
    2012-01-22 10:13 PM
  14. cubeman's Avatar
    [email protected]~iPhone.png and must be 86 x 64. The only place they will go is in chatkit.framework. Other then that, I have no idea why it is not working. -the bubbles are named different for I message too.. The iMessage is
    [email protected].... Post Your bubbles here, ill take a look at them.. Remember if u have bubbles in your Winterboard, they will supersede the chatkit.framwork ones.
    2012-01-22 10:50 PM
  15. QBALL375's Avatar
    Thank you for getting back to me so quick. In the above post after the word Balloon should there not be a underscore then the number one? Ive checked all the balloons and they are the correct size. So if I understand what you are saying the imessage balloons, even in winterboard will have to be like the example above [email protected]. Can I simply remove them from winterboard, rename them and drop them back in?
    2012-01-22 11:32 PM
  16. cubeman's Avatar
    Theoretically yes. The two chat bubbles in normal messaging are: [email protected] and [email protected]. The iMessage is a different one which is [email protected].. (1 is your outgoing bubble, 2 is the incoming bubble) (disregard the ~ from my above post)
    If u have them named this way ur good to go at the size I specified above. I am not sure as to the folder name in your theme'd winterboad.... Maybe: Bundles/com.apple.chatkit. But not positive...
    2012-01-22 11:46 PM
  17. QBALL375's Avatar
    As well it should be noted that I tried renaming the balloons for the imessage and dropping them in my winterboard theme but still wont recog the balloons. Whats strange is when I went into chat kit the ballons i droppen in there correctly the next time I went in there the balloons ended in .png.png. I renamed the balloons removing the extra .png and it happend again with the double.png at the end.
    2012-01-22 11:50 PM
  18. cubeman's Avatar
    Weird. Rename them on ur desktop first... Then drop them back In. -I don't use Winterboard much... Only a few items so I'm not much help there. I do 90% of my mods in root level..
    2012-01-22 11:54 PM