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    I give out a virtual mobile number (which can receive text messages) as my "mobile number." I had previously activated it with FaceTime but forwarding SMSes from my virtual number to the real number and keying the virtual number into the phone as my mobile number. When I try that on iOS5.0.1, it locks the phone.

    I'm jailbroken. Would one of the Middle Eastern mods work for me to force an activation on a number that I control, but which is not the number on my SIM? Can someone think of a different method to get my virtual number into the system?
    2012-01-01 09:27 PM
  2. R.Mortera's Avatar
    Wait, what's wrong with your sim's phone number?

    Title says iMessage, if you don't have texting plan then it's fine. iMessage runs using wifi/data.
    2012-01-01 09:29 PM
  3. Stu Man's Avatar
    Response to #2

    I pack more than one phone and cross borders. People want to shoot me because I have so many numbers. I figured I would make things simple by having one number which would always reach me which I hand out as my mobile. The folks in Cupertino are working to spoil my plans.

    My iPhone is on ATT's international unlimited data plan. I can text for free on my virtual number. Using ATT text messaging outside the US is cost prohibitive. Reintroducing my factory mobile number into the stream means that people will both call it and text it. I don't want either. When I was in Hong Kong two weeks ago with a local prepaid, I was receiving calls for under 2 US cents a minute versus over $1 a minute with ATT. In two weeks, I'm in Canada. I have a stack of Canadian FIDO SIMs I bought off E-Bay for nothing which I can activate for free incoming in Calgary and reroute my number to my backup phone.

    Continuation of Post #1

    What about the SAMs module? Can I use it to generate a fake SIM with the appropriate number which my iPhone 4 will accept?
    2012-01-01 09:39 PM