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    I just J/b my device and updated everything minus the baseband. This probably has more to do with factory setting than anything but I can seem to figure it out. When watching videos (youtube,netflix) after a few minutes, my phone gets dim then locks. In settings, i dont want to click "never" for autolock. I usually have it set to 1min and ive never had it shut down on me while watching a vid, even when i had it set to 1min autolock. Anyone else having this problem?

    Also, is winterboard not fully functional yet? I keep checking dim icons but it doenst work.....not a big deal. just wondering.

    2012-01-03 04:11 AM
  2. a.t.'s Avatar
    had to delete vWallpaper.
    damn it! i really liked it too...
    2012-01-03 08:04 AM