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    Hi everybody,

    this is my first post here so i apologize if it is in the wrong place! I also did a search for winterboard issues and returned only themes, so here goes..

    Yesterday i decided to jailbreak my Iphone 3gs for the first time, it is running IOS 5.0.1 and I used redsnow to jailbreak it. So far so good, there was no issues with the actual jailbreaking at all. Now, i want to install some new themes and of course change my slider icon and wifi logos and stuff so through cydia i find some cool looking themes and in the process of installing them learn about winterboard. So I install winterboard and then try to activate the themes through it! now it seems that anything to do with changes in background images and App icons works fine, but the actual slider images and wifi icons dont' change no matter what i do.

    I also found the Files on my phone in root>library>theme> (i think that was the thread) for the downloaded files, and read somewhere else that the new system was added '~iphone' to the theme png's etc, but i couldn't even edit the file information as osx informed me i 'don't have access privileges to edit this file'

    Can someone please help me with this issue as i've searched the internet all night trying to find a solution but no-one seems to have the same issue as me...

    Many thanks in advance, yet again my apologies if this question has already been covered or i posted in the wrong place

    2012-01-08 04:59 PM
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    Can no-one help me with this issue??? please!
    2012-01-09 02:42 PM
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    Im wondering to I just published a handicap able slider and it doesn't work on my ios5 3GS either I think it might have something to do with that retina biz...
    2012-01-09 08:40 PM
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    I don't think that Winterboard has been updated to iOS 5 yet.

    Correct me if I am wrong.
    Arthur "Goof"
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    RIP Steve Jobs.
    2012-01-09 09:22 PM
  5. Highlyunlikely's Avatar
    well at least i'm not the only person havin issues, its driving me mad! and is anyway to extend the battery life? other than the obvious turning off 3g and stuff?

    right, i figured it out, i had to add the suffix of ~iphone to the slider images using ssh.. this worked for the theme that i wanted to use, haven't tried with others but guessing the same thing will work!
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    2012-01-09 09:28 PM
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    so what then its like "bottombargrey.png~iphone"??
    2012-01-10 02:21 AM
  7. Highlyunlikely's Avatar
    Theme-roy Jenkins... no, more like "bottombargrey~iphone.png !
    2012-01-11 02:09 PM