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    Okay, I have to rewrite this because my browser showed that I posted twice, when really I posted only once- so my deletion of one post was the deletion of both.

    I bought an iPhone 3GS. It was locked to ATT at the time, running 5.0.
    Doing some research on the internet, I found that the model (A1303) was eligible for the new 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak from PwnageTool. So I went in, and had PwnageTool make custom 5.0.1 firmware, and the process went smoothly. After getting on, I got ultrasn0w to get my TMobile service working, and I downloaded the Cornona 5.0.1 untether, which was possibly redundant ( I think PwnageTool's system was untethered, but not sure ).

    The only non-Apple certified apps I downloaded were SBSettings, Winterboard, and 2 Winterboard themes. While downloading a catalog for Winterboard themes, the phone suddenly shut off, and took about 5 minutes to reboot, but all was well.

    Then yesterday, the phone cut off at 80% battery and came back on displaying the 'charge me' picture.
    This is leading me to think the battery is the source of my problems, but then again, it may not be.

    That was the only time it shut off and indicated that power was lost. Every shutdown since then has been random, and when rebooting, the battery is where it was prior to shutoff.
    The phone particularly hates Instagram, the Camera, Facebook, and Angry Birds Free.
    Most other things work quite well.

    Right before a shutdown, the phone will freeze, much like a desktop will when the processor is full.
    Though, on a desktop, the processor runs through the commands, and then flashes back to normal, as if the overload never happened. The iPhone though, freezes for a second, and then shuts down.
    This has happened about 20 times in the past 3 days now.

    I am trying to figure if my problem is the battery, the power supply connections, bad logic, or a faulty processor. ANy imput or help on the subject will be greatly appreciated.


    I don't know why I am having so much trouble with the posts, I have made 4 submissions, and only one seems to have gone through.

    Angry Birds repeatedly gave me the message:
    " http:// localhost
    The file could not be found "

    before the last freeze and shut down.

    ...If that gives any clues.
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